Welding Services

We provide basic to medium range of metal welding services to offices, factories, restaurants, bars, hotels and residence like landed houses, apartments and condominiums. Among the service we offer are removal, replacing, modifying, servicing and welding of:

  1. Faulty or rusty door grills or window grills
  2. Grill door pad locks, hinges and latches
  3. Uneven, rustied gates
  4. Car porch gates, hinges and latches
  5. Steel racks
  6. Steel furnitures like tables and chairs
  7. Garden steel racks for flower pots and hanging plants
  8. Customised balcony railings, door or window grills
  9. Customised drain covers
  10. Emergency removal of padlocks, doors and gates
  11. Other minor welding services available upon request

Jaya Pest Solutions offers FREE on-site inspection and consultation throughout the Klang Valley.


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