Soil Treatment Services

Soil Treatment is the process of applying a liquid pesticide, known as termiticide directly into trenches in the soil during the pre-construction of a house, building, factory or any other commercial structures to prevent any future termites especially the Subterranean Termites from entering the building through the soil and into the cracks and crevices on the reverse side of the foundation. 

This method relied on the application of a chemical barrier around and beneath the structure designed to block all possible routes of termite entry.

The said pesticide will be applied to all perimeters of the said ground beams at a rate of 4 liters per 1 linear meter of a trench. The soil surface of the concrete-foundation is sprayed at an application rate of 5 litres of pesticide per square meter.

Several factors of Soil Treatment:

  • This method can be carried out when the property is being built.
  • The termiticide formulation will be evenly sprayed all over the surface of the soil for the entire built-up area.
  • There is a warranty for this method. Depending on the type of termiticide being used.

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