Fogging Services

Fogging is a term widely used in the pest control industry. It is commonly used by pest control companies to exterminate annoying flying insects like mosquitoes.

The fogging method, depending on the type of infested area or location is, could be of thermal or water-based with a machine, subject to customer’s request and several other important factors like the density of population, traffic, the suitability of a commercial area, etc

There are several types of foggers available and most commonly used by pest control companies will be the Thermal and Cold (Water-based) fogging method.

Thermal Fogging

Thermal fogging are suitable for outdoors like large and wide compounds, gated residence communities, high-rise residence, buildings, commercial centers, factories, and farms. These thermal foggers operate on fuel primarily petroleum which makes the unit very portable for vast open areas.

Thermal foggers typically use a hydrocarbon-based carrier solution such as diesel in which contains an insecticide solution and under heating of the coils will emit to thick white smoke or fog which knockdown all / any flying insects around rapidly. At such, these thermal foggers will produce a constant loud noise due to the high temperature operating the heating of the chemical mixture to convert into a fog. 

These machines are to be handled by professional technicians and are NOT allow to be given to anyone for trial purposes.
Cold Fogging

Cold fogging or ULV (Ultra Low Volume) fogging as they are commonly known as, are powered by electricity, mixing the insecticide and the fogging carrier, in this case, will be water to emit a fine mist of water droplets which is dispersed into the air at high velocity. 

The advantages of cold foggers are the ability to fog both indoors and outdoors safely as there is a reduced risk of asphyxiation and due to the usage of water as the carrier solution making this method very safe to handle. However, the disadvantages are the fog misting will not be able to travel as far as thermal fogging due to the weight of the droplets and it’s not portable due to the requirement of electricity usage.

Mosquitoes are most active during early mornings (dusk) and late evening (dawn) and for this reason, fogging at these times is most effective. Mosquitoes typically don’t travel far from their reproduction site and for this reason, targeted fogging can be highly effective in mosquito control around the customer’s property.

Immediate control prior to outdoor events such as BBQ or parties and will have a great impact on visitors and children’s comfort.

  • Regular ongoing fogging can significantly control the population of mosquito in your residential or commercial area.
  • Great for covering large areas and penetrating dense foliage.

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