COVID-19 Disinfect and Sanitisation


Stage 1: Water-based ULV Misting

The solution used: Timsen-Fog (Active Ingredient: Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chlorides 40%, Urea 60%), with MSDS and compliance with the Ministry of Health.

Perform ULV Misting with Timsen-Fog at the entire 3 floors’ internal environment using ULV Misting machine – Fine droplets will be misted out into the air to kill all viruses, bacterias, and germs that is hanging in the air. These droplets will stay afloat in mid-air for at least 2 to 3 hours before it drops onto the ground and also kills all / any kinds of active viruses. Besides misting into the air, areas that are directly exposed to regular physical human contact like doors and window handles, latches, air-conditioned and plug point switches, types of furniture like tables and chairs, cabinets, sofas, toilets, etc will also be misted with this method.

We sanitise vehicles and commercial trucks
Nano Misting for the entire internal aircon system to clean off all microparticles, which are unreachable by hand, hiding inside blower and all aircon ducts.

Stage 2: Emulsifying Fogging

The Solution used: Timsen-Fog, emulsified fogging carrier liquid, water
(Optional: Additional deodorizer scent can be added for a more pleasant smell. 4 flavors to choose from: Floral, Sakura, Lemon, and Vanilla.)
Emulsifying fogging with Timsen-Fog at entire 3 floors’ internal environment using thermal fogging machine – This disinfectant and sanitation agent will be mixed with emulsifying fogging liquid and thermal combustion will occur in our thermal fogging machine to emit dry white fog which carries the disinfectant agent into an entire quarantined area and most important of all, the fog will be able to stay up to 4 to 5 hours in a quarantined area.

We will begin with Stage 1 (water-based ULV Misting) and then Stage 2 (Emulsifying fogging) on the same treatment day/night to ensure a faster and immediate extermination process upon the entire internal environment is closed and sealed properly. There will be of NO chemical residue nor any foul smell for both of the above methods, therefore, it is 100% safe for humans, children, babies, pregnant ladies, and even pets. However, this is a subjective matter as we can’t generalize every individual’s immune and anti-body system will be the same as some human’s physical senses are different, for example, some do have a more sensitive nose, eyes, skin or any other attributes.

Service available for: landed and high-rise residences, commercial buildings, shop lots, kindergartens, confinement centers, old folks homes, schools, F&B outlets, worship places (like temples, mosques, churches, kuils), shopping malls, hospitals, factories and other areas upon request.


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