Corrective Treatment Service


Corrective Treatment is the process of injecting liquid pesticide at the dilution rate, known as termiticide directly into drilled holes around the perimeter structures of a completed house, building, factory or any other commercial structures in order to apply a layer of termiticide as a barrier to prevent any future termites intrusion especially the Subterranean Termites.

This method sets up an anti-termite treated zone (barrier) of termiticide at the perimeter of your property.

Each holes of between 16mm to 18mm diameter in size are drilled 4 inches from the vertical wall or structure and distance between each hole is 1ft to 1½ft apart and 420mm (1.37ft) depth or till the drill bit touches the soil underneath the slab.

Upon completion of the drilling process, the injection of 5 liters of the termiticide into each and every drilled holes begins using special spray pumps or motorized sprayer.

Lastly, patching up the holes using cement compound or white cement is required once the injection of 5 liters termiticide into each holes are done to match back the general appearance of the floor surface.

Several factors of Corrective Treatment:

  • This method can be carried out when the property is in construction or completely built.
  • The drilling process will emit unpleasant noises due to the operation of the heavy duty drilling machines.
  • It can only be done during the day.
  • There is a warranty for this method. Depending on the type of termiticide being used.

Free Inspection & Consultation

Jaya Pest Solutions offers FREE on-site inspection and consultation throughout the Klang Valley.

Several steps are required for the above services


Understand the customer’s problems and requirements

Perform an on-site inspection of the problem and analyzing

Provide solutions and alternatives

Present our quotation

50% deposit from the agreed amount to be paid up prior to the start of the work

Execution of the actual work process