7 Most Useful Tips to Prevent Pests

Nobody wants to see their properties being infested by unwanted pests; be it residential or commercial as this will directly affect your loved ones staying in the house and also putting huge losses in your business. As a result, you will end up innocently spending money repairing, restoring or worstly, rebuilding your house. In the commercial aspect, you will suffer huge losses if your business premise which houses inventories, stocks, food like ingredients and other consumable resources being infested by unwanted pests.

Besides appointing a local and trusted pest control company to control and exterminate the unwanted pests, it is always advisable for the homeowners or the business premise owners to fully cooperate and adhere to the Do’s and Don’ts. Its of no point to engage any regular service of a pest control company if proper basic cleanliness, sanitation and hygienic methods are not being practiced.

The layman theory always applies, “It takes two to tango”. The pest control company and the client has to cooperate together to ensure a safe, clean and hygienic working environment for the benefit of all.

Preventive measures are the best way to avoid pest infestations and as a homeowner or your own business premise, there are many ways that you can do around your home and property to prevent and deter a variety of pests from entering your premises.

7 Tips of Pest Prevention:

Tip#1: Regularly clean the external drains to avoid being clog up

Tip#2: Make sure kitchen area has no leftover food and particles (inclusive of meat & bones) lying in/out of the kitchen cabinets, wash basins, basin and floor traps

Tip#3: Dispose all/any unwanted consumable rubbish on a daily basis like sweet wrappers, sugar, coffee & creamer sachets, tea bags, fruit skins, leftover food plastic bags / polystyrene foam packagings, packet drinks, beer cans, etc

Tip#4: Constant check the internal and external surrounding of your house for new walls, roofs, ceilings, windows and door cracks and crevices.

Tip#5: Keep and tighten all food containers and store in an enclosed area or in the fridge. (inclusive of rice, sugar, cooking oil, meat, vegetables, seafood and other related food ingredients. These are NOT suppose to be left exposed.

Tip#6: Keep you garden neat and tidy. Do not encourage any forms of stagnant water in flower/plant pots, drains, roof gutters, septic tanks, etc.

Tip#7: Drain-off and clean the fish ponds or swimming pools regularly and maintain the level of pH.


Jaya Pest Solutions encourages people to help reduce cockroach populations by removing all leftover food and unnecessary water sources, sealing all cracks and crevices, have a proper covered rubbish bin, regularly cleaning of the drainage and waste disposal areas. To effectively manage a serious cockroach infestation, you must correctly identify the type of cockroach causing the infestation and the able to diagnose the core problem, which is why it is important to contact a pest control professional.


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